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Have you ever noticed how some brands have so much success with their content marketing while others struggle? Or, why some have hundreds of thousands of readers while others fail spectacularly to get their content noticed? Quality content is obviously critical to organic success, but a promotional strategy might help you get there faster.

As difficult as producing content may be, doing so at the expense of content promotion might be a mistake. While promotion may not have a direct organic benefit, it gets more people engaging with your content and search engines take notice of these promotional interactions. The more customer interactions, the more likely your content investment will be rewarded.

Promotion also helps make it easier for you to see how readers respond to your content. Creating content that they will consume and that holds their attention will help the content creators better target their prospective readers.

Let’s look at what well-executed content promotion techniques should look like – 1. Send the content to your email list Building an email list can prove extremely beneficial for your content. It’s one of the best ways for reaching to the maximum number of followers. Your email list consists of people choose to associate themselves with your company, so you can expect many of them to engage with what you send them. When you send quality content to people from your email list, up to 20% of them are likely to open and read your email. Up to 7% are likely to click through the email to access the full article.

This clearly shows the more email subscribers you have, the better the outcome for the health and promotion of your content. It is therefore important to build an email list as a content promotion technique and to boost engagement level. Here are some of the strategies to boost email engagement: Promote your recent content or post by designing a newsletter and sending it to your email list Personalize the email by mentioning the name of the recipient Make emails interactive and fun by including a GIF or video to catch a reader’s attention

Turn the Content Into a Video.

When you decide to turn the content into a video, you actually use a very powerful promotion technique to appeal to an entirely different audience. You can then publish it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video channels, taking that content to millions of new viewers.

The audience for video is different to that of plain text and images, and this content promotion technique can help your content gain more exposure. There are free services, like OneLoad, which make video distribution to sites extremely easy.

By converting your content into video, you stand to gain other benefits:

  • You can pull out the audio from the video and create a podcast
  • The transcription of the video can be used to create a blog post and .pdf
  • The video content can also be used to create slideshows for SlideShare
  • By converting the content into video, you can repurpose it into many different forms and use it across channels and communities.